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Big Kev's Geek Stuff Show is a weekly podcast featured on XM Satellite Radio. We discuss toys, comics, games and more.

Kevin Schwoebel (aka Big Kev), has been an avid fan of all aspects of Geek culture, as well as, the industries they have spawned and he’s been shooting his mouth off about it to anyone who would listen for over 25 years. From the early days of fanzines/newsletters up to radio.

Kev has been a regular on the ‘Opie and Anthony’ show for 10 years and has also appeared on the “Ron and Fez”, ‘The Radio Chick’, and ‘Eddie Trunk’. He has also hosted his own program ‘Big Kev’s Geek Stuff’ since 2005. 2006-2009 the program had originally aired on ‘The Virus’.

‘Big Kev’ is a gamer, reader (comics, sci-fi, etc.), collector / product reviewer (toys, DVDs, movie memorabilia, etc).If it’s part of Geek culture, then he’s got an opinion on it, and he’s not afraid to share it.